Amateur Age Group Triathlete
Amateur Age Group Triathlete

What is takes to be a World Champion

roborobby roborobOct 5th 2013
Check out Nick Dunn's account of his gold-medal winning effort at the World Champs. Nick adds this gold to one from the 2009 Worlds, as well as a European gold and a silver. As Nick has been my coach since December last year, I have benefitted massively from having the guidance of someone who not only knows first hand what it takes to truly achieve their goals, but was pursuing the same goal at the same time as me throughout this year (although by same goal I mean doing the best we can. In my case that meant managing to qualify for the worlds and then giving it my best shot, whereas in his case that meant winning and nothing less!!). This helped me get through some of the tougher sessions, for example where Nick had given me a 4x4min max power bike sesh, and I found my alone in the corner of the work gym on the Wattbike, with my legs begging for mercy halfway through the third one, I would tell myself that Nick had probably already successfully completed the same session earlier in the day, and me quitting now would let him down as much as letting myself down!

Anyway, enough from me; enjoy Nick's post. Although I will end my own post in the same way that Nick started his - with a quote (that's actually in the foyer of my office so I see it every day). This sums up to me the value of having a coach:

"None of us is as smart as all of us, which is why we need to work together"
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