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ronaldby ronaldMay 27th 2009
I am one month into my training program.
I've been training consistently well, for the last 3 weeks I'm well over 6 hours of moderate-to-hard exercise per week.

I'm very pleased with myself, and I'm sure I can keep up this level of consistency in the coming months.

The scales say I am more or less the same weight as I was a month ago.
Since I've recently gained the best part of a stone I'm finding this difficult to deal with.

I figure I've lost some fat and replaced it with muscle mass - in particular my quads are big, as a result of cycling... I was reading a report from a LEJOGer who mentioned he'd gained a stone over a couple of weeks of cycling despite looking thinner.
I'd still like to lose at least half a stone of fat. I must remember that my tummy is receding again. Unfortunately haven't take daily pics of my progress.

Cycling is going great - very happy with regular 10 miles + per day. Should start including more 20/30 mile + cycles as free time becomes available over the summer, use friends as motivation here. 10 mile cycles must continue even when not working!

Running feels very weak but 2 runs a week is not bad - must start to include at least one longer (6mile+) run per week.

No swimming at all! But squash once a week is ok - still need to get some coaching in both of these

Tomorrow: cycling to work, around 15 miles total?
Stats for: Apr 30th 2009 to May 27th 2009 (28 days)
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