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ronaldby ronaldMay 4th 2009
This site is exactly what I've been looking for!

It's the start of May 2009.
In 2008 I had an incredible year of fitness.

Then at the end of 2008 I really struggled with my motivation to exercise, became lethargic and stopped being able to control my eating.

I gained 7kg in 6 months (from 73kg to 80kg).

I love running and I love being fit so I'm going to make an effort to do better.

Here are my fitness goals for the year:
* include more weight training. I am not keen to look weedy as some runners do. Proven benefit plus admitted vanity purposes.

* take more advice, have more coaching. I have a great network of friends who can help, but also get professional help. Especially for swimming.

* enjoy it more. I felt that running was taking time out of sports that I wanted to do, like squash. So I'm going to play as much as I like and running can fit around that.

* be more aware of my diet. My theory is that I wasn't getting enough nutrients and was suffering from that - hence the diet problems. Start with recording the diet!

* be more goal-orientated. I haven't PB-ed a 10k since February 2007, and I'm much fitter now than I was then. Beating targets motivates me a lot, although failing a target badly can kill my motivation: just be aware of this.

* have fun with friends. I love that my friends have all started running! Be more involved with what they are doing. Be more involved with other people and less of a loner out on the road :)
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