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Splash, Spin, Stride - blog of a chocoholic tri girl
Splash, Spin, Stride - blog of a chocoholic tri girl
Hoping this blog will help me train more and eat less chocolate in my quest to complete a half ironman!

Being sick sucks!

rufusbearby rufusbearMay 2nd 2013
Training has not been going well!

It all started so well. I was based in the office for the week so managed to fit in two swims and two runs. Saturday was my birthday and despite the pouring rain we trekked into London for lunch at the Rainforest Caf√© and then devoured the best brownie cake in the world ¬- think dark chocolate, maltesers and galaxy caramel balls (carb loading for next day of course!).

The sun finally decided to show its face for what seems like half a year the following day so we packed off to Richmond Park. By the time we got there, it was completely heaving and only managed to squeeze into a space in the third car park. But totally worth it ¬- I remembered that I actually enjoyed cycling and did three laps and then a lap running and didn¬'t suffer any jelly legs. Absolutely beautiful day!

The following week was also great. Despite a week commuting four hours a day to a place that resembled a religious cult holiday park, I managed to fit in two swims & two runs. I was pretty relieved as long work days usually wipe me out and this had the added temptations of free lunches, mountains of biscuits and on tap hot chocolate. We made the wise decision to head to Richmond early this time and were rewarded with tons of space in my favourite car park. Did the fastest run lap to date with no stops, then 4 laps on the bike ¬- and started trying out some nutrition (homemade banana bread ¬- yum!). So far have had no problems with the clip in pedals ¬- I¬'m not going to gloat and say they are easy however as that is a surely asking to fall over!! We rewarded ourselves with our first BBQ of the year. Can¬'t beat a day¬'s hard training followed by lazing in the sun.

Just as I was feeling superfit, the bug first started to rear it¬'s ugly head. Monday ¬- Wednesday I had a sore throat, so decided to rest completely hoping for a quick recovery. By Thursday I felt fine and smug believing my rest had prevented a full-blown cold. I went for a 5k run before work and an evening swim. Friday morning I felt great and did the fastest 10k I¬'ve ever done on a treadmill. Classic overdoing it before I was fully better. Two hours later I was slumped on my desk and felt worse as the day went on. The only thing that got me through the afternoon was a constant supply of cakes someone had bought in. The weekend I felt drained and snuffly. I watched my partner do a 10k Brutal run full of mud and hills; although slightly jealous I couldn¬'t take part due to my dodgy ankle, I was happy to be snuggled up warmly watching people shriek as they waded through a freezing river. On Sunday we went to Bournemouth to check out our wedding venue and steal some sand for the message in a bottle invitations, but not even the fresh sea air, seaside chips, rock or ice cream could cure me!

On Monday the cold took full force and if I¬'d known how rough I was going to feel I wouldn¬'t have bothered getting out of bed. I¬'m not one for calling in sick so I powered through, aided by copious amounts of cough medicine and Ben & Jerry¬'s. On the plus side my abs have had a very good workout from all the spluttering! Fingers crossed I¬'ll be mended and back at Richmond for the bank holiday :)
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, May 10th 2013 12:24
It really does suck. Hope you are rested and feeling better now.
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