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Splash, Spin, Stride - blog of a chocoholic tri girl
Splash, Spin, Stride - blog of a chocoholic tri girl
Hoping this blog will help me train more and eat less chocolate in my quest to complete a half ironman!

Getting kitted out

rufusbearby rufusbearApr 10th 2013
Apart from my bike, I restrained from indulging in all the tri gear and gadgets last year. This year however, I decided a half ironman deserves a certain amount of respect and preparation so we went along to sigma sport in Kingston and got myself kitted out with some clip in pedals and a shiny, if somewhat skimpy tri outfit. I have 5 weeks to squeeze into it before crystal palace sprint tri.
I have just watched my other half try on her outfit that came in the post today - it looked more suitable to a 10 year old but after 5 minutes of wrestling it was finally on and looking the business. Getting it off proved even more difficult, probably not helped by the consumption of half a pack of chocolate digestives post dinner (yes I'm not alone in my chocolate addiction but unlike me, she rarely puts on a pound, grrr!).
As for the pedals, I have yet to try them out on the road yet, but have been diligently clipping and unclipping on the trainer in front of the tv. Everyone tells me you have to fall over a fair few times to lose the fear?! That will be this Sunday then!
Training has gone well this week with my first 20k non stop, no walking run last weekend and swimming 2.5k in the 2nd session of the year yesterday. Now I just need to master the bike, put it all together and get a lot faster.
Bishmanby member: Bishman, Apr 11th 2013 09:16
Clipping in is scary at first but you get used to it. I think I've only gone all the way down once from not being able to unclip fast enough but have had PLENTY of close calls! They're definitely worth it though - next step is clipping shoes onto the bike and holding in place with elastic bands to speed up transition, just like the pros!!
Good luck with all your races - which half Ironman are you doing?
Bishmanby member: Bishman, Apr 11th 2013 09:18
And is that chocolate all over your face in the photo?? You must REALLY like biscuits! :-)
rufusbearby blog author: rufusbear, Apr 12th 2013 23:11
Steady on, I think that might be a bit ambitious! Although it does appeal because then you don't have to clip in or out. I don't think I'm anywhere near having fast enough times to be worried about saving half a minute here and there unfortunately.

I'm doing the maxifuel half iron in mid July. It's supposed to be an easier one to start with. Then my eye might be on a full iron as I'm getting quite addicted to the training.

Definitely not chocolate, that would be a waste. That's war paint!!

What are you training for this season?
Bishmanby member: Bishman, Apr 22nd 2013 07:36
Hi! Belated reply: I didn't get a notification that you had responded!
I haven't heard of the maxifuel half. Keep us updated with how you're getting on. I'm training for A Day in the Lakes Half in June and then Elbaman in September. They'll be my first attempts at half and full distance so I'm pretty nervous.

Glad to hear you're not wasting chocolate. That would be unacceptable!
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