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Splash, Spin, Stride - blog of a chocoholic tri girl
Splash, Spin, Stride - blog of a chocoholic tri girl
Hoping this blog will help me train more and eat less chocolate in my quest to complete a half ironman!

How it all started...

rufusbearby rufusbearApr 5th 2013
Most people, girls especially, can relate to my love of chocolate. I don't just like it, I dream of it, day and night. I have finally stopped trying to have willpower and admitted I'm a complete chocoholic.
Arriving back from a year chasing whales and dolphins in Oz I was the slimmest and fittest I've ever been thanks to frequent runs on the beach alongside baby sharks and dodging emus and kangaroos under the blistering sun.
Moving back to London, I got a desk job and piled on the pounds until I had reached whale proportions by Xmas 2010. Sick of my whinging, my girlfriend bought me a unique birthday present - I had 4 months to train for the Wolf Run, a 10k obstacle mud race. Who said romance was dead hey?!
Begrudgingly I began to drag myself out of bed an hour early and go to the gym before work. Come race day, I was ready and loved every second of crawling through mud, swimming across icy lakes and jumping over hay bales.
I was hooked. Over last summer we did several more mud runs and I was introduced to the world of triathlon by my girlfriend's beer buddy. The summer passed in a blur of Sprint triathlons, weekend training sessions around Richmond Park and post workout bbqs :)
In September we did a 14k military assault course (the lugging tyres up a hill kind), which was one of my favourites despite leaving my legs black and blue. Halfway through I fell over on my ankle. It screamed in agony but after a couple of minutes it felt fine and I carried on. It started to twinge during runs the following week but I ignored it as I had my last tri of the season the next weekend and it was also the most expensive by far as we'd only done smaller, cheaper ones so far. That all went well and I went back to do the second Wolf Run of the year - all was going well until the last mud pit and my ankle gave way again. Refusing to be beat I crawled the last 100m to the finish line and over the remaining obstacles - no easy task in knee deep mud.
After a visit to the doctor I checked in my trainers until Xmas to give my ankle a hope of recovering in time for a snowboarding holiday. With no running and plenty of chocolate the weight started to creep on.
So in January of this year my now and I decided to enter a half ironman to get us fit again and ensure that we'd fit into our wedding dresses!!
I'm hoping that keeping a blog will inspire me to get some serious training in and keep the chocolate consumption to a minimum...not looking too good as I look at the Easter egg wrappers that surround me currently!!
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