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Sam's IRONMAN Wales fundraising adventure
Sam's IRONMAN Wales fundraising adventure

samfish01by samfish01Sep 11th 2012
less than a week so feeling the nerves - also need to find a way to raise some money - feeling pretty bad that no where near target!! help!
Just over a week to go!!
samfish01by samfish01 Sep 8th 2012
Calf is still playing havoc - physio every day, no running....welll......ok ok my bad! I did a swim and then a gym session and in the gym i did 5km cycle 1 km run, and my calf felt ok, mega tight, but ok, think my game plan must be 1km run 1km walk ...
Guildford to Portsmouth....via Chichester
samfish01by samfish01 Sep 3rd 2012
samfish01by samfish01 Aug 31st 2012
torrential rain - Brecon and Sennybridge = NAILS!
samfish01by samfish01 Aug 27th 2012
Bank holiday weekend = 175 miles; lots of rain; 2 punctures (1 front/1back) and excellent training although the weather was RUBBISH - but if i can do it in that, i can certainly do it on the day. :( sadly not much in the way of sponsorship!!! PLEEZE...
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