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Sam's IRONMAN Wales fundraising adventure
Sam's IRONMAN Wales fundraising adventure


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Guildford to Portsmouth....via Chichester
samfish01by samfish01 Sep 3rd 2012
after my long sea swim on Saturday, did a good 65 miles from Guildford to Portsmouth yesterday. Fundraising in Cranleigh with my AMAZING mum and partner - collecting £200 which i'll deposit this week. So badly want my leg to heal so i can run a few...
samfish01by samfish01 Aug 31st 2012
Getting really nervous, just over 2 weeks to go. Seen Physio (had treatment and acupuncture); Chiropractor etc and still not running. Swim and cycle fine.....worried about that run. Also the fundraising is not going so well, still under £2000 and ...
less than 4 weeks to go!
samfish01by samfish01 Aug 21st 2012
so i am getting the training in - although my calf is still torn and physio reckons 2 more weeks gentle running - i did 5km on the treadmill yesterday and it's pretty stiff today. biking and swimming going well - managed a nice swim in the sea at so...
Nice weather - training = sponsors????? xx
samfish01by samfish01 Aug 10th 2012
Ok, so saw a new physio today - much better, still a way to go and no running till next week. Did a good swim this morning at Mountbatten and physio session so will get back to it this weekend with a swim and cycle tomorrow before A&S arrive for the...
Raining = more training and competition!
samfish01by samfish01 Jul 3rd 2012
Did a good session in the pool this morning, focussing on legs. This evening went down Southsea seafront and did a 1500m sea swim. Rough weather with a bit of a tide to fight against made it hard work. DOn't feel too bad, as of the 3 of us (me and...
samfish01by samfish01 Jun 30th 2012
wasn't sure a swim in the rain was a good idea.....then i thought about it!!! nailed another long lakeside swim, feeling much better swimming in a wetsuit - hope to nail 6-7 minutes for my swim tomorrow! now for a run and some yoga for surfers and n...
samfish01by samfish01 Jun 23rd 2012
Smashed 3 km's in the lake this morning in an hour!! - come on peeps, help me out, spread the word - SPONSOR me pleese!!! :)) TEXT PTNG £10 to 70070 or visit my JUSTGIVING-SAMTRUELOVE1 page!!...
Lovely day!!
samfish01by samfish01 Jun 20th 2012
Slept really well after my yoga, now for my morning swim, lunchtime run and long swim this evening at Mountbatten Centre......TEXT PTNG49 £10 to 70070 or go to and donate - please help me out in raising money fo...
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