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7 lessons learnt when running in the rain

sarahleonardby sarahleonardJul 9th 2012
LetÂ's face it, the weather has been fairly soggy lately. This post was inspired by my Saturday morning parkrun which reminded me of why I now love to run in the rain! This hasn't always been the case, the thought of frizzy hair and damp feet would previously of had me running for (the duvet) cover, but having endured a few less than optimal rainy runs I have now put all that aside for the joys of splashing through puddles. Here's a few tips that made rainy running easier for me...
7 lessons learnt when running in the rain
1, Buy a decent lightweight, breathable and water-resistant jacket.
For short runs you probably don't need this, but for a longer, slower runs then I swear by mine. I say decent because to get a jacket that is both water resistant and truly breathable I found that I had to pay a bit more. Plus it looks great and we all know how much we love our kit, so this gives me more motivation to get out and run when itÂ's raining. Which bring me onto the second point....

2, Keep you i-pod, watch or any other electronics protected.
My Garmin Forerunner is water resistant, but it bugs my when it steams up or goes off when it gets wet. You lose the data for starters! Keep it dry using a waterproof zip bag or, if you follow point one then my jacket has a see through plastic area on one arm so that you can see your watch thorough your jacket, snazzy!

3, Wear a technical fabric t-shirt closest to your body, one that can wick water and sweat away from your skin.
These can be picked up at any sports store (or race event) for pretty cheap. Try to avoid a cotton t-shirt.... things have moved on from the 80Â's and now we donÂ't chaff like we used to! Wet weather can increase your chances of chaffing so if you are prone to this then invest in some vaseline or body glide!

4, Use a running cap to keep water out of your eyes...
You need to keep your wits about you even more when youÂ're puddle splashing in case of unseen objects or pot holes!

5, DonÂ't overdress, dress to impress (with your cool running not your Michelin man outfit).
Just because itÂ's rainy doesnÂ't mean its cold and too many layer means youÂ'll get be wet from the inside!

6, If you are racing then remember to pack appropriate kit for a surprise downpour!!
I visited Florence for the marathon one cold crisp November. I thought I was very well prepared for the climate; I had my compression tights, marino wool base layer and gillett to keep the wind off. On race day a torrential downpour ensued and I was completely soaked through an hour before the race even started. In 0 degrees Celsius conditions this was not a great scenario, I was FREEZING. However, I finished but it was more than uncomfortable and I admit to crying for the last 6 miles because I was just so cold. In the picture below taken before the race I'm smiling (well sort of) but I'm not really happy.
7 lessons learnt when running in the rain
7, Keep your feet dry!
Some people might disagree with me here, but I now wear sealskinz socks when it rains because it keeps my feet completely dry (and also good for cold feet when cycling btw). I guess there is the chance that your feet might sweat, but I donÂ't find this a problem personally. I think there are other types of run specific sock that wick and the like so perhaps trial and error, any recommendations?

And finally, running in the rain is worth it because this is when I do my fastest times. I think it's because I like to keep warm and so this just keeps me running!
Bishmanby member: Bishman, Jul 9th 2012 23:42
I absolutely LOVE running in the rain. Especially when it's muddy and you get back and have mud all over your legs and back. I tend not to time my rain runs - they're usually off the record and purely for enjoyment. I find that just a tshirt with base layer keeps my top half warm enough unless it's genuinely freezing, but I always insist on shorts whatever the weather. Your magic jacket sounds wonderful.
by guest: , Jul 10th 2012 08:58
I like running in the rain too! Feels a bit 'Man against the elements', good tips ta, no. 2 is definitely valid, lost most of the function on my Ipod due to a long, wet, run :(
sarahleonardby blog author: sarahleonard, Jul 10th 2012 09:11
Ahh thanks for your comments guys! Tis a bit man against the elements I know what you mean. It's a good job that we do enjoy the running in the puddles, we've not had much choice recently!
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