Tea Shop Rides Rule OK!

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original post by sarahleonard Feb 27th 2013
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sarahleonardby blog author: sarahleonard, Apr 26th 2013 11:19
Ha ha. I'm dyslexic so I'd read it as science anyway!!

Yeah ponds aren't recommended really, but I'll certainly dip in the sea when it warms up!
charlieeliseby member: charlieelise, Apr 26th 2013 10:54
Dreadful typing... you mean you CAN'T go swimming in ponds? Tough... and of course, SCIENCE. Sorry, fingers all wrong today!
charlieeliseby member: charlieelise, Apr 26th 2013 10:53
I know you posted this ages ago but it just occurred to me someone told me they had restless legs the other day. Their nutritionist also recommended electrolyte tablets and protein recovery drinks. no idea on the sciend behind it though, so sorry!

Mega congrats on the pregnancy, and hope it goes really well - I was horrified to read you can go swimming in ponds when pregnant, have made a mental note not to go jumping in the Serp if I ever get round to being 'with child'...

Best of luck and keep blogging, we want to hear all about it...
sarahleonardby blog author: sarahleonard, Feb 28th 2013 17:22
Glad I'm not the only one!

I have wondered it it might be a salt thing, doesn't seem as bad if I've had an electrolyte drink but it might be coincidence!
tallguy76by member: tallguy76, Feb 28th 2013 05:43
I have a similar problem with my running and cycling shorts at the moment...

My wife is asthmatic, and also suffers with restless legs - even when not pregnant - and found she got out of breath more when pregnant but she didn't have any major issues (even with only one and a half lungs) until our son was nearing the end of his term and was at his largest.

I seem to recall that a little added salt can help with restless legs - or is that cramp ?

All the best for the rest of the pregnancy.
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