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The Triathlon Show 2013
sarahleonardby sarahleonard Mar 2nd 2013
Yesterday we visited the Triathlon Show at Sandown Park. It's a bit of a journey for us, but still possible to drive there and back in one day. We decided to go on the Friday when it was likely to be quieter, the only drawback being that the semina...
Three Questions...
sarahleonardby sarahleonard Feb 27th 2013
I am now officially into the second trimester of my pregnancy and a new phase of being a pregnant triathlete. According to expert websites and books I am now feeling wonderful and my hair is soon to be thick and glossy. Maybe in a few weeks I'...
Summer comes to visit the Bristol Harbourside Triathlon 2012
sarahleonardby sarahleonard Jul 16th 2012
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