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A New Arrival

sarahleonardby sarahleonardNov 8th 2013
He's arrived!

After 9 months of weight training (carrying a bump around) and possibly the longest endurance event I'll ever participate in... our baby son arrived, hurrah :-) 38 hrs of labour (that's almost three times the duration of my Ironman and definitely as painful sorry girls!!).

Don't panic I'm not going to bore you with hundreds of baby photos. He's gorgeous...you'll have to take my word for it. This is a triathlon training website not my family album.

So how's the training going I hear you ask?


I've not done any of course! Or not much anyway. Delivering a human being into the world is pretty tough and so is looking after one.

Not to worry though because this week I started my (bring your baby) post natal Pilates course and I can now walk past the end of the road!

This is unbelievably exciting!

Also slings are the way forward. Not only do they have magic sleep enhancing and colic removal properties but you can also go hands free!

So for now we are walking and concentrating on core (apparently my stomach muscle are still separated so this is a must).

I've also signed up to a new healthy eating regime (for athletes, not just for new mums) but more about that next time...

Oh go on then just one pic of us and the magic sling!
A New Arrival
Hannah1234by member: Hannah1234, Nov 16th 2013 07:09
How wonderful, he is truly gorgeous, well done your best event yet.
tallguy76by member: tallguy76, Nov 22nd 2013 05:13
Congratulations, and when you say you completed your longest endurance event ever, I think that you'll find the next 18+ years just as exciting an event !
NotANinjaby member: NotANinja, Nov 25th 2013 15:30
Congratulations :)
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