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Basketball is my new Sport

sarahleonardby sarahleonardApr 24th 2013
Basketball is my new new sport in that I look like I am hiding the ball under my shirt.
Basketball is my new Sport

My bump is getting bigger and bending to pick things up to starting to become challenging. I'm still trying to stay reasonably active with Swimming, Pilates, Yoga and Walking and I do feel better for the activity.

Swimming is now my favorite sport because of the way the water supports my additional weight. I still have issues with my troublesome shoulder, but I am extremely pleased because it seems to be getting better (less painful and less restrictive). I am putting this down to a combination of factors including more regular gentle swimming, regular stretching, massage and less stress. I am also thinking that the baby might like swimming as he already turns somersaults and kicks like mad. In my head I had planned to practice swimming drills during my pregnancy but this hasn't happened. For now I am just enjoying taking part in the activity again.

To encourage me to do Yoga I have bought the Tara Lee, Bump, birth and Beyond DVD. This is a fantastic DVD with lots of options if you don't want to do the full yoga practice. Sometimes I will do this before bed and I usually find that I sleep better on these nights.

I have never been able to get on with Pilates before, but I'd heard stories about how it can help with 'things' going back to the right place after birth (ahem). I found a local Pilates class and I love it! The instructor is excellent and gives lots of options to accommodate my extra size. I leave the class feeling uber relaxed. This is my new hobby (being relaxed that is).

Finally, I am starting to miss running and I can already imagine myself running with one of those buggies (if I can afford one). I think that the London marathon 2014 is probably not within my reach, but I must admit that it had crossed my mind! Seeing our friend John Gilbert run a 2 hr 17 time this year was no less than inspirational.

If I do run London 2014 it will be as a charity runner (no times to beat) and I will look to raise as much money as possible for cancer research. Sadly my lovely mum lost her battle with cancer last month far too young and for me things will never be the same again.
ClaireDby member: ClaireD, Apr 26th 2013 13:51
Hi Sarah. Am so sorry for your loss, at such a momentous time in your life. I lost my mum when my baby was 6 months old - just at the time when I was starting to get to know her as a mother myself. I sometimes wonder how I have coped for nearly 4 years without some sort of contact with her but I have drawn strength from the people around me & from running. When grief overwhelmed me I put on my trainers & headed out into the fresh air to clear my head. So when things are getting you down, make sure to get outside, into the spring sunshine & shout, scream, cry or whatever, but most of all celebrate the person who has loved you unconditionally & who has probably already taught you how to be a great mother yourself xx
owenslaterby member: owenslater, Jun 19th 2013 15:36
Good luck with your pregnancy - is it your first ? Sounds like it. Good to see you keeping active. My wife is kept busy with our 2 kids and her peer counselling work at the local Surestart centre.


If you do go for VLM 2014 let me know and I'll sponsor you and promote your charity link. Sorry to hear you lost your mom to cancer. I lost my nan to cancer and it wasn't a nice thing to see.

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