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Can't feel my face!

sarahleonardby sarahleonardSep 6th 2009
Can't feel my face!
Elbow recovered (might have been slight over dramatisation) I decided to try my third and final 3.8km open water swim before the IM. Freezing (ok 16 degrees - so near freezing) conditions Dorney Lake awaited.

Having got lost on the first effort at South Cerney and then fought (and lost) with the currents at Bournemouth I was starting lose even more of my dwindling confidence. Surely I should be showing some sign of improvement???? Please!!!

As luck would have it conditions were on my side and I wiped 6 huge minutes off my best time.

At long last I have improved! :o) :o) :o) Three pieces of cake and a bacon sandwich for me to celebrate!
Tags: long swim
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