Tea Shop Rides Rule OK!

Tea Shop Rides Rule OK!


At school I started as a runner and after a few years out I decided to revisit it again as an adult. To my horror I'd become totally unfit so I set myself the goal of a half marathon...I got there, but I'm still chasing my sub 1hr 45 target!

Later I thought cycling looked quite fun so, I bought a bike and only then realised that I had to cycle on the road (second horror moment), seven years later and I don't recognise myself.

After a year at BADtri (just you know being sociable) I finally decided to learn to swim (front crawl). I've even been known to attend the early morning swim sessions (but only if a post swim coffee and croissant are on offer!).

So there we have it Run, Bike, Swim or something like that! Follow me for updates on my life, my training and my adventures!
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