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I'm having trouble eating

sarahleonardby sarahleonardDec 8th 2009
I'm having trouble eating
I'm having trouble eating....

Not the action of shovelling things into my mouth, that┬'s easy┬....but actually consuming the right things??? Hopeless.

It┬'s not like I don┬'t know what I should be eating. I┬'ve done various qualifications, read the books, done the Ironman. I┬'ve even had a job educating other people on correct diet!

For some reason I just seem to like to reward myself and sometimes only a large mocha latte and a muffin/cake/ice-cream will do (Ok I admit it, most days!). I do the training and my BMI is ideal so surely that┬'s enough?????

Need to break the habit. Without sounding like a complete food maniac, new healthy eating starts here!

Really don┬'t want any more of those embarrassing ┬"no I┬'m not pregnant┬" scenarios.
Tags: diet, food, habit
IMnadineby member: IMnadine, Dec 8th 2009 15:55
Uggh! I completely understand! I wish I didn┤t have any cravings! I truly admire those who have their game together when it comes to the right foods! IF YOU FIND A TRICK PASS IT ON! :)
prhimby member: prhim, Dec 18th 2009 16:03
Surely if your BMI remains 'ideal' and the training is going well, then the odd little treat isn't going to hurt!? I guess it's down to managing the frequency of said treats. :-) Curry is my worst vice, don't think I'll ever be able to give it up fully...
gocolettegoby member: gocolettego, Feb 27th 2010 03:28
What's life without a piece of chocolate? I have plenty of those moments myself....I just try for moderation! Good work!
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