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I've got a bad case of Lazy Bum(itus)

sarahleonardby sarahleonardJan 3rd 2013
It was all going so well. Then Christmas arrived.

What is it about Christmas that means that all my good intentions go straight out of the window. I think it's OK to relax at this time of year, but I'm not sure that I really needed all those extra helpings of lemon meringue pie.

I find the temptation of yummy food very hard to resist. I know I'm not alone here but you'd have thought I'd have learnt not to indulge to such a degree by now.

Funny how losing consistency can affect motivation. I did go for a couple nice walks over Christmas but decided against anything more strenuous (I might have missed the next serving of Christmas pudding).

What you do learn from overindulgence is that usually you don't feel any better for it. My energy levels were far lower than usual and my legs were restless.

The only cure for lazy bum(itus). Get back on it and fast!

Not sure that jumping technically qualifies as walking either...

I've got a bad case of Lazy Bum(itus)
TriRachby member: TriRach, Jan 9th 2013 14:33
Well happens to us all!
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