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More illness alert....and feet!

sarahleonardby sarahleonardMay 9th 2012
Not much to tell you about training or racing fellow tribloggers.....so if you're not interested in illness or feet then tune out now!

My cold (the subject of my previous post) never went away, but another (much worse) virus manage to take hold and after a week of that I now have the shingles virus for extra good measure! For those of you who are thinking oh dear how silly to train when you're not feeling well...I promise I didn't! So.... what now? Well I'm forced to rest for even longer which means that my schedule is out for a while. Luckily this is the first year for ages that I'm not training for a specific event, but never the less I'm frustrated (mixed in with exhausted). But enough of this self consolation, a bit of sofa time never hurt anyone and all the things that I should be doing will have to wait.

Feet. Not something that you think about a lot until you notice a problem right? I've had orthotics in my running shoes for three years and they've been brilliant. I did have a specific problem with my big toe joints when I ran which they've really helped with (NB I only started to notice a small issue again once I'd warn out my inserts) but apparently my feet as a whole are moving better since my last visit. The whole experience was really interesting and the podiatrist I went to see was brilliant. I can only say thumbs up and thanks!

Until next time then.
More illness alert....and feet!
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