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Post Ironman Blues

sarahleonardby sarahleonardNov 6th 2009
Post Ironman Blues
Having now finished my Ironman in a not unrespectable 14hrs and 47mins, my immediate default feeling is one of relief. However I am now starting experience another sensation not unlike apprehension.

Could I possibly be missing my Ironman training?? I certainly don't feel motivated, and I'm more tired now with much less to do.

Any ideas?
edwarmaby member: edwarma, Nov 11th 2009 16:01
You are not alone! Entirely normal, indeed a good thing; means you have an opportunity to have a jolly good think about what to do next, and then start taking some steps towards it.

There are many ways of getting back to be active and doing useful things but without getting back on the IM treadmill...
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