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Project training for nothing in particular is back on!

sarahleonardby sarahleonardMay 31st 2012
Feeling more or less fully recovered from my nasty shingles episode now. I've started a new strength training regime mainly based around core, back and stability exercises and using the TRX. When I say started, I mean I've done it once, but making my intentions public apparently makes you more likely to stick to your guns. So lets see what happens my core could definitely do with an extra boost! Although I can hold a plank for a long time, throw in some balance work and I'm hopeless.

Still it's good to have identified an area to improve. Seems like a great time incorporate this into my regime and I'm wondering how long it will take until I see any improvements, any ideas? I do hope my patience holds out for long enough to see a difference.

No events in my diary this year but thinking that once I'm back in training just turning up and entering a few races on the day could be fun. There's some great mid week aquathlons and small scale half marathons which have my name on them metaphorically if not literally!
sarahleonardby blog author: sarahleonard, May 31st 2012 21:17
P.S. Just found this for anyone who wants some tips on sticking to your triathlon and fitness goals http://triswimcoachonline.com/tri/sticking-to-your-triathlon-and-fitness-goals/
by guest: , Jun 6th 2012 11:06
Glad you're feeling better! TRX stuff sounds like a good idea, good luck and stick at it.
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