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The Running School Part 2: Practicing Leg Movements

sarahleonardby sarahleonardNov 15th 2012
So the second visit to Running School was a great success. I can confirm that I've used muscles that I've not used for years!

Leg Movement

So in this session we were back to the treadmill to attempt to improve the movement of my legs. Like a proper idiot I forgot to bring my running shorts. Good job this wasn't like my primary school where we were forced to do PE in our pants in front of the boys #scarredforlife. No none of that, I'm over 30 now and free to wear flared leggings, not ideal but needs must.

The session aims were to work on reducing my overstride, increase my leg cadence, engage some of those previously mentioned muscle groups (particularly the glutes) and improve my posture and arm movements. Obviously these are adjustments recommended by the run school coach based on the outcome of my initial assessment and Biomechanical Analysis and I have to say I was really impressed (and yeah a bit surprised) to see how much better my running looked. It's been ages since I've felt good about my running and so I'm feeling really positive about this. I still had the odd sarahisms with my head, not quite like Paula Radcliffe (see how I made a casual association between myself and the greatest female marathon runner of all time).

Giving myself a pat on the back for effort (even though all I'd done was follow instructions) we moved onto movement screening and Chris (the coach) designed an exercise programme to practice as homework (it is called running school after all) comprised of running related exercises to complement my improved biomechanics. One of the exercises was the the single leg squat which I'd already mentioned in my last blog as my nemesis, but it's an important one to master because when you run you are always on one leg!

In summary a good start, but lots to improve on and practice makes perfect. Hopefully over the next few weeks it will begin to feel more natural and I'll continue to learn more that I can put into practice. If you're interested check out your local Running School. So until next week...
charlieeliseby member: charlieelise, Nov 22nd 2012 11:28
Hey I did the Running School this year. it has helped but my running is still a massive weakness for me. I'm still working on my core and those dreaded squats... I hope to go back for the next course next year but I need to be stronger before I do that
sarahleonardby blog author: sarahleonard, Nov 22nd 2012 11:44
Hey Charlieelise, yeah I'm finding the course really good and motivating. I'm not a strong runner (or strong in my core or glutes either) and having the structure and feedback is helping me to work on these weaknesses. Nice to hear from someone else who has done the course, thanks!
justalby member: justal, Nov 23rd 2012 10:32
I'm thinking of enrolling on a course with the Running School, although the 3 hour drive to them puts me off a little..... I'm also not really sure how much time I'll be able to save over a 5km race though so can't decide whether the money would be better put towards a pair of aero wheels instead!

Aren't we triathletes lucky that it's such choices that torment us!

sarahleonardby blog author: sarahleonard, Nov 23rd 2012 20:11
Your ITU worlds 5 km time is already a very good time Justal, I see your conundrum. Shame that you missed the free Biomechnaical Analysis tasters in Bristol, but on balance I think competing for GB and travelling around NZ is probably more appealing. I believe Running School have a stand at the TCR Running Show this weekend in case you happened to be going, however also can't beat a new pair of aero wheels!
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