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Transition Time is almost here...

sarahleonardby sarahleonardJul 3rd 2013
Just a few weeks to go now until the 'big push'. By day, I live in the land of pilates bolster cushions, slip on trainers, gym balls and breathing exercises. I'm stupidly hungry all the time apart from when I'm stupidly full. The thought of going anywhere that is more than a few minutes from an available toilet fills me with dread.

I do admire Sarah Storey, her dedication to her training and enthusiasm to make being a professional cyclist and a mother work for her. It's great that there are sporting female role models out there who champion activity throughout their pregnancy. It's still a topic that can be slightly anxiety inducing and receives mixed reactions from people. Women's Cycling recently published an article with helpful tips for cycling safely in pregnancy. Most other advice is pretty obvious, don't do too much, if you're dizzy stop, stay hydrated. It's down to individual choice and what feels right for you, for me I preferred cycling on the turbo trainer (the toilet was closer).

I can't say that my own 'training' has gone exactly to plan, but this is mainly down to external circumstance and I'm not going to worry about it even for a minute. I'm actually motivated by having a new challenge and by the 'time out' and lack of expectations. It will be different, I'll have new goals, but like Sarah Storey I'm keen to make it work for me. I have the all terrain running buggy and Yoga/Swim babies sounds like fun.

So for the remaining weeks I will be focusing on staying flexible and strong and preparing (as much as possible) mentally. Most people agree that swimming is excellent right the way through your pregnancy and I was disappointed to find that when I turned up for our local pre-natal/anti-natal swim I was the only one there...maybe I went to the wrong pool?

The run up to d-day does feel a little like the run up to a big race. The nervous energy, worries that everything is prepared and will it go OK on the day?

But not wanting to sound too cheesy (and failing miserably) I'd argue that the reward is probably better.

I'll keep you posted.
ritatrisby member: ritatris, Jul 4th 2013 13:47
Glad to hear things are going well! It sounds like being flexible with what you expect is a big part of dealing with such an unknown. And bladder capacity planning..
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