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Why Sometimes Perfect Planning = Pregnancy not Performance!

sarahleonardby sarahleonardFeb 19th 2013
This winter I've been working on my running technique. I wanted to work on my running not just because it's the discipline that I enjoy the most but also because it's still my weakest.

I've been put through my paces at running school which has been both beneficial (to my running) and fun. I signed up for six session with the Bristol Running School and I really felt like I'd really made progress. You can read about my sessions in previous blog posts. My aim was to increase the duration of my new and improved running technique before the beginning of the season when I would smash my PBs.

Then I found out that I was Pregnant!

I can't say that it was totally unexpected, in fact it was more planned than not and obviously I'm delighted (this is my first pregnancy), but it did mean that I had to reassess my plans for this season and pull out of any races that I'd entered.

It doesn't mean that I need to stop running though. No, I can't put my feet up and get started on the cream buns yet! The advice is to carry on being active if you already exercise (but just not start anything new) and with some moderation here and there. I've sought advice on what's OK and what to avoid. This means that my new exercise plan now consists of sessions inc:

-Turbo training
- Pregnancy Yoga
- Pregnancy Pilates
- Swimming
- Running
- Pregnancy video with squats and lunges (which is hard BTW!).

No HITs, Races, skydiving or swimming in ponds.

Eating for one and bit

I'm hungry. Frequent eating has also kept the sickness at bay by keeping my blood sugar levels constant. You don't really need need extra calories early in pregnancy unless you are underweight (increasing to 300 extra calories in the 2nd trimester) but I have been eating more and exercising less so there has been weight gain.

A healthy diet for me during pregnancy is a bit like an athletes diet in many ways (nutrient rich and eating for optimal health). I've struggled with this as much as I usually do (I want to eat cake basically) but I've been good with the things that I need to avoid such as shellfish, mayo, pate, soft cheeses, alcohol etc..).

If you have been a pregnant triathlete yourself or you are a fitness instructor who works in this area then I'd love to hear from you. As always please feel free to leave a comment below.
ritatrisby member: ritatris, Feb 20th 2013 11:02
Congratulations Sarah!

I've not been a pregnant triathlete, but am likely to be at some point, so it'll be really interesting to read your blogs over the next year.

Never mind about the skydiving..

twiggyby member: twiggy, Feb 20th 2013 20:26

I'll echo Rita's comments and keep an eye on your blog in the coming months. No babies planned as yet, but probably in the next few years. (dont panic Jon!)
cedwardsby member: cedwards, Feb 21st 2013 09:56
Congratulations! I have to say with my two girls, I took a time off from competing - I didn't do any triathloins from 2007 until last year - but then I did smash some PBs! So don't worry your triathlon days are not over!
tallguy76by member: tallguy76, Feb 22nd 2013 05:37
I've not been pregnant either, but have found that as a father of a young child I had to put training on the back burner as I didn't think it fair to let my wife deal with our son all day AND all evening. He's four now and able to ride a bike pretty well so maybe we will manage a few gentle off road sessions over the summer this year - don't think I'll get him a set of tri bars just yet.

My wife hopes that by training and entering races I can be a positive role model to him and show him there's something out there that doesn't require sitting in front of the TV !
sarahleonardby blog author: sarahleonard, Feb 22nd 2013 10:55
Thanks everyone! Yes it's all new for me so it's going to be a voyage into the unknown, but all very exciting. Training will obviously not be my priority but I'd like to think that I can remain healthy and make some time where I can. Both my parents were runners and as kids my brother and I used to go and watch one or both (if Grandparents were also around) of my parents race. We used to complain about being dragged away from the TV, but then we used to have a great time visiting parks and having adventures in streams, woods and meeting new friends. I was very proud of my parents and I could tell that they really enjoyed being part of the running culture.
sarahleonardby blog author: sarahleonard, Feb 27th 2013 10:14
P.S. cedwards happy about the PB bit! :-)
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