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See Annie Tri
See Annie Tri
Whatcha! I'm Annie, a 30 something plodder. I reside (& sometimes run & do other triathlonny activities) in Barth. My greatest foe (apart from crisps 'n woine) is my cozy, comfy, warm, yet extreeeeemely Evil Sofa[TM]that insists on sucking me up, rather than letting me get to get out for a swim, cycle, or run.


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I Must Go Down To The Gym Again
seeannietriby seeannietri Jun 16th 2009
I must go down to the gym again to the sweaty gym and it's kit, And all I ask is a free treadmill and a bike so I can get fit; And the mixed gradient, the variant pace, and the neighbouring gymmers a-puffing, And a steady drip down a determi...
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