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See Annie Tri
Whatcha! I'm Annie, a 30 something plodder. I reside (& sometimes run & do other triathlonny activities) in Barth. My greatest foe (apart from crisps 'n woine) is my cozy, comfy, warm, yet extreeeeemely Evil Sofa[TM]that insists on sucking me up, rather than letting me get to get out for a swim, cycle, or run.

Close Eyes + Jump Up and Down x3

seeannietriby seeannietriJun 17th 2009
Last night I was full of enthusiasm to go for a sunny towpath run. (I even turned down a curry dinner at the local Injun). But found within seconds of the "run" that m'ankle is still being an *rse.

Pah. It huuuuuurt!

I have only run twice (gingerly) since twisting it just over 3 weeks ago; and one of those times was at the super-sprint Tri a few weeks back; where I probably couldn't feel anything after the lake swim and the puffy 20km cycle anyway.

So I've been seeking solice in Google today [natch] where I found an article on sprained ankles and rehabilitation. Now - you can't argue with science - but I'm liking the "Two easy tests to determine when your previously sprained ankle is stable enough to get back in the game are to stand on the ankle in question for one minute with eyes closed, or jump up and down ten times in a row."

I haven't dared try either yet - but may do so later in private. Alone. It wouldn't be a good look in the office.

Sooooooooo - I'm having a few more days off, and the Evil Sofa can have my undivided attention tonight. No wine though. I've given up alcohol for (self-imposed) "Virtuous June". 17 days down; 13 to go. My liver will thank me. It twill.

I think a bit of R&R will fit in with the Bigger Picture anyway - as I'm not signed up for anything else yet. The next event I'm planning on doing is the Cotswold Sprint Tri on 6 September. I'm (assuming I ever run again) going to bite the bullet and upgrade/advance/soldier-on to the next Triathlon distance:

750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run.

So The Plan is to ease back into things gently - and start on the Hal Higdon Tri plan -in a bid to improve on 10th from last.

Ah Hal, has it really been so long?
Tags: ankle, injury
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