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See Annie Tri
Whatcha! I'm Annie, a 30 something plodder. I reside (& sometimes run & do other triathlonny activities) in Barth. My greatest foe (apart from crisps 'n woine) is my cozy, comfy, warm, yet extreeeeemely Evil Sofa[TM]that insists on sucking me up, rather than letting me get to get out for a swim, cycle, or run.

The Psychology of Habit & other Research Projects

seeannietriby seeannietriJun 5th 2009
The Psychology of Habit & other Research Projects
Hoorah!! Yesterday was my last bike trial of three. I volunteered to take part in a university research project ya see - testing whether our fabby x-biking bikes produced a better workout than the boring spin bikes. (Biased? Never!)

So yesterday I trundled off to the lab to be prodded, poked, weighed and exercised while wearing a Room 101 style contraption on my head, a rubber tube shoved down my gob (with my own saliva pouring out of it onto my lap - nice), a nose plug on & not a drop of water to drink or breezy air to breathe. Pant pant. And all the while my fingers were being sliced open for blood samples.

Remind me not to sign up for another trial in a hurry!

I topped off the 30 minute trial with a back-to-back (60 minute) x-biking session with "you maat dai" Beefy Sarth Ifrikan George at the helm. He worked us haaaard!

I also did my piddly 2 mile cycling commute (faff, faff): so all in all a fairly active day.

M'working day (I did fit some in somewhere!) ended by attending a public lecture entitled "The Psychology of Habit" - which wasn't as riveting as I'd hoped (flipping academics!) - but the upshot was that good habits are good and keep us sane, and that it's almost impossible to change bad habits by information campaigns alone and that much more intrusive changes need to take place to break them (like changes in the law - smokers and drinkers!)

Today I am tired tired tired. So I am listening to my poor body and having a rest day.

I may have a little trip to the gym tomorrow and then Sunday's the Triathlon.

I do hope I still fit into m'wetsuit and remember what to doooooo! Eek.
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Jun 6th 2009 19:14
Hi Annie,

I liked your blog. Good luck at the triathlon on Sunday.

Sarah (Fellow Plodder)
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