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See Annie Tri
Whatcha! I'm Annie, a 30 something plodder. I reside (& sometimes run & do other triathlonny activities) in Barth. My greatest foe (apart from crisps 'n woine) is my cozy, comfy, warm, yet extreeeeemely Evil Sofa[TM]that insists on sucking me up, rather than letting me get to get out for a swim, cycle, or run.

Trowbridge Triathlon: Race Report

seeannietriby seeannietriJul 26th 2009

Like that-there running thingy - I'm not sure how this Triathlonning malarky got started: but it seemed like a good idea at the time...

And today's Trowbridge Tri seeming like a good idea on Monday night - discovered in wine-fuelled-passing on the Bath Amphibians forum (which I have snuck onto without actually joining the club: tell no-one!) while feeling dejected at having missed out on September's sold-out Cotswold Sprint Triathlon.

And no sooner had I applied, that the worry kicked in:  Will I come last? Will I be alone on the bike course: lost in the wilds of Wiltshire?  Will I die if I wear contact lenses in the pool? Will I die if I don't wear contact lenses on the bike ride? Shall I have a nice cozy Sunday lie-in instead?

But I didn't have anything to feel anxious about. [Natch]

I was up and at 'em early-doors shoving m'bike into the back of my teeny car, while one or two drunken revellers headed home, and was at the venue: a leisure centre based at a school: by 8am. Registration and racking-up (in the school tennis courts) were blissfully uneventful - apart from me having a last minute panic about m'bike tyres - and managing to let all the air out of them while trying to pump them up using the world's smallest pump. 

Puff puff. Pant pant. Pump pump.


The swim was 400m, pool-based  & 25m in length = so 16 lengths and 5 of us to a lane, with 5 seconds between each starter.  The rules were to tap the person in front of you if you were faster, and for them to wait for you to pass at the wall.  I was faster - and tapped-tapped my way round with gay-abandon.  I'm pretty sure I did 18 lengths too - but I'm sure the dry fella doing the counting was right and I was too busy concentrating on the tapping game.

Then (as is traditional) came the bike (25km). Oh the bike.  I have a love-hate relationship with the bike section.  I hate it because I'm crap-attit, but I do love the adreniline buzz of those speedy downhills. Whhoooosh!  I think I did better than expected on the bike this time - but will have to wait for the results to find out.

The run was fab - mostly cross-country.I took a little while to get going - talking myself into a few walk breaks in the first mile (tut) - but I soon sorted my head out and chugged along the 5km course @ about 6mph average.

At the finish we were presented with a thoroughly practical goody bag: sports drink, snickers bar, local paper & two triathlon magazines (no jars of cranberry sauce or four bean soup! Hoorah!) and each person received a little trophy:

Brilliant! I love m'trophy!  And I don't even think I won? Although I'll have to wait for the results to be published to know for sure.... Wink

Ktriby member: Ktri, Aug 24th 2009 13:50
Hiya annie

Just gotta check - doyou mean Trowbridge wiltshire right???

I'm a Wiltshire bird who loves tri's but have NEVER heard of them in my old home town!! typical now i live the other side of the world!!

At least the training isn't as cold here

Would love to find out more from you

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