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See Annie Tri
Whatcha! I'm Annie, a 30 something plodder. I reside (& sometimes run & do other triathlonny activities) in Barth. My greatest foe (apart from crisps 'n woine) is my cozy, comfy, warm, yet extreeeeemely Evil Sofa[TM]that insists on sucking me up, rather than letting me get to get out for a swim, cycle, or run.

X-Biking is Bad for Me. Fact.

seeannietriby seeannietriJun 23rd 2009

The results of the bike trials are in. The tests proved conclusively that the X-Biking is a much harder workout than a boring spinning bike. Fact.

Here's the chart that proves it. See?

I learned that Anaerobically, I rock (Not good for racing or weight losing - more Aerobics needed for Annie).

I also learned that during the X-Biking test (that simulated the lunchtime sessions I do) I reached my lactate threshold, was only in m'perfect aerobic zone for 1 phase of 8, and, at one time, was only 4 beats per minute from my maximum heart rate.

Uh nirleee daaaah'd!

Flippin heckers - I need to start using me a heart rate monitor during exercise and ensure I stay in the shangri-la that is the Fair-to-Middling-Yet-Highly-Optimal-Endurance-Zone. So that I can get skinnier and fittah and fastah. And not die.

See. You learn something new every day.

Before I'd worked all this out I went for a lunchtime X-Biking session (we went to Guernsey ya nah): I almost threw up and almost fainted. I came back feeling refreshed and fab, though. Funny world.

Right. I'm off for a post-work swim in a bit - is that aerobic? I hope so. I had the besssssst swim this week where I swam a continuous 2000m freestyle with tumble turns and overtaking and everything - I'm not sure I've ever managed that distance and pace before - so I'm well chuffed with the improvement.


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