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Chubby Csaba reborn
After skipping Dublin City Marathon Csaba finds new motivation, facing the Hell!&Back Challenge, 29th of January! Up-up-up in the mountains!!!!

How not to prepare to DCM

shan001by shan001Oct 2nd 2011
Chickening, chickening and chickening have been going on all week and honestly that seriously downgrading to the chicken population. I haven't run since last Tuesday, only started to feel better around Thursday this week.

It seems I'll be the typical example of how not to prepare for a marathon, my only worry if I end up having a great marathon I never train again. I was supposed to make a final decision by today whether I really going to make it to the start line. Decision had to be postponed after having a great trail run up in Powerscourt. I started from Crone Wood car park and run up along the waterfall. It is very scenic part of Wicklow Mountains hence popular for mountaineering. Down side of that is lots of eyes around so if you dressed as a runner and walking like them, they think you are just showing off, so run my lungs out to keep legs going on the ascents.

Hope I can report from little more miles next week. Plan is to get four runs under the belt over the week. I don't even dream about doing interval, tempo run or anything fancy, just hope for some shot easy runs
How not to prepare to DCM
How not to prepare to DCM
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