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Chubby Csaba reborn
After skipping Dublin City Marathon Csaba finds new motivation, facing the Hell!&Back Challenge, 29th of January! Up-up-up in the mountains!!!!

Lauren's best year

shan001by shan001Jan 2nd 2012
You may watch the video before you read the post.

What could 2012 be?

It could be the year when I learn something new about myself. It could be the year when I grow up to dreams I havenĀ't been able to last year. It could be the year when I get to meet so many interesting people and story. What IĀ'm going to do is to put my head down and my seat post high. IĀ'm going to set the alarm and hit the pool in time. IĀ'm going to be out there with you to have lot of fun, learn the new, share the miles, talk the talk and encourage when you need it.

What could 2012 mean to you?

Billy Diggin hope you get well soon.
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