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Chubby Csaba reborn
After skipping Dublin City Marathon Csaba finds new motivation, facing the Hell!&Back Challenge, 29th of January! Up-up-up in the mountains!!!!

The Master Plan

shan001by shan001Sep 17th 2011
So here we are 6 weeks away from the big dance, on birthday of ''Capital D'' Damian today. After a quiet day in the shop (rugby) starting to polish not only the shiny shoes but the slightly sluggish form as well.

Headed out to a regular training spot to the Shanganagh Park, just for 40 min easy to get the legs in to the mood for long run over the next two days. Meet Liam D. today in the park, and he nodded that I'm looking good. I'm quite careful with his judgment since he is on happy pills for while now. I've been running more consistently in the last two weeks, today's run wasn't pure pleasure, other than good tracks on the I Toy.

Since I found very challenging to start organized training after the ironman in July I was left with 8 weeks. Decided to build it up same as I trained for IM 3 weeks of tractor pulling followed by an easy week. Then repeat the trick one more time. After 2 weeks confidently looking forward to the easy week and also to a half marathon I planned either on Sunday or Monday to have a rough idea where I'm at.

Shiny shoes are off to city centre tonight to build some base.

Cheers, Csaba
The Master Plan
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