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Chubby Csaba reborn
After skipping Dublin City Marathon Csaba finds new motivation, facing the Hell!&Back Challenge, 29th of January! Up-up-up in the mountains!!!!

The Strongest athletes

shan001by shan001Jan 11th 2012
There was a time when a young fella woke up most mornings, took his swimming bag and started the day with around 160 lengths of swimming in a 25m pool. After finished school and all obvious, he returned to the same spot for the same joy. He didnÂ't think he was special, he didnÂ't think he was strong, he loved itÂ... Friends, goals, races and traveling.

Now this chap happened to grow up and didnÂ't think much that those days will actually set up his life style. As it happens to be, our man still active and happy out training for triathlons, and if youÂ'd ask him who does he think is the strongest athlete on earth he would quote something along these lines:

The strongest athletes are those parents, who look after their kids, do their jobs, pay their taxes and bills, and after all that they put their runners on and had out to train, set up their goals and beat them...

I think I have the standards set high, let's rock. :)
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