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what have I done.
I have only ever done 1 ironman distace race before. This year I decided to employ a coach to see what I could achieve. In the past I have relyed on other peoples training to get me there. Having had an achillies heel injury for the past 6months training will start slow. I have a 15hrs 15mins goal to beat from last time. Its the same race so easier to compare times.


smartiepeteby smartiepeteApr 4th 2013
todays exercise was cadence training on rollers. So I haven't really usd my rollers in anger, well certainly not for an hours session. So how many things did I forget to do.
a) no fan, and didn't set up near a window or open door.
b) no water.
c) wear a short sleeve top. wearing a long sleeve top makes item a) even worse.
d) no towel to hand to make a large pool of sweat on the floor and bike.
e) trying to see how long I can ride on rollers with my eyes shut in a narrow corridor. not sensible. (yes I did fall off)

any way I only dropped off the side of the rollers twice, which was ok. To any of you that have never tried rollers I do recommend them. It make any session more exciting. It keeps you allert to maintain your position. On the rollers you also get to practise you core stability and balance. something that I think all riders can improve on. I have not mastered no handed riding yet. something I will try and achieve. I will also see how low I can get my cadence (without falling off). My next roller session will be much better.

any way, despite sweating far too much I did enjoy the session.
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