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I've been training for 4 months now and am going to kick it up a gear in 2010, I saw an advert for this site on Facebook and thoughts I'd give blogging about it a go.

Christmas & New Year!

swoodelby swoodelJan 4th 2010
Christmas & New Year!
I've been in a bit of a bah humbug kind of mood this year, I usually get quite excited about the whole thing but for some reason this year was different.

1. It's costing me £3.45 per swim, so I'm not swimming everyday and that just makes me sad.

2. The ice on all the pavements is making it rather dangerous to run at a decent pace.

3. I've been doing all my strength training with my brothers 2 dumb bells and it's not the easiest way to get a well rounded workout.

Other than that the Christmas haul is getting smaller every year and when you're not drinking on New Years you realise that New Years is a world wide reason to get hammered!

I'm heading back to Nottingham at the weekend and am rather looking forward to getting back into my usual routines. Not too keen on all the work starting up again, but the training is worth the stupid amounts of work at Uni.

Not looking forward to start paying for my own food again though!

Rant over.

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