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Swoodel's Tri Blog 2010
I've been training for 4 months now and am going to kick it up a gear in 2010, I saw an advert for this site on Facebook and thoughts I'd give blogging about it a go.

Finally getting a bike

swoodelby swoodelMar 5th 2010
It has been ages since I've posted on here, Uni is ruining my life and the little things I enjoy, such as blogging, are pushed to the sidelines until work is done (which in final year is never!)

So anyway, I've been training for nearly 7 months now without a bike, my parents tell me every few weeks they're going to buy me one and it never happens. It's kind of hard training without a bike, all you can do is hop on a bike in the gym or hit a spin class, not the best training really!

Then I head back to my parents house for a few day and still no bike in sight, but, my friend is moving to Holland for 3 months and can't take his rather sexy carbon fibre Trek road bike and is letting me borrow it until he gets back... What a way to make a guys day!

So in 13 days time I will have full use of a road bike and can start my cycle training properly, it's seriously lagging in comparison to the swim and run and it will be great to get going!

Other than that trainings been going really well, I managed a 7km in 29mins the other day, and am keen to be able to do a 10 in under 40mins before the end of the month. It shouldn't be too hard with some effort. I've also managed to put on 1st to get me up to the magical 12, and my body fat is at a lovely 12% just need to keep my diet in check as I tend to get a little lazy after a long day at uni and just eat a curry or something so it must stop really.

Oh if anyone has any good cycle training routines ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway that'll do for today,
Check you later!

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