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Swoodel's Tri Blog 2010
I've been training for 4 months now and am going to kick it up a gear in 2010, I saw an advert for this site on Facebook and thoughts I'd give blogging about it a go.

My Big Brother

swoodelby swoodelJan 8th 2010
Well I should have been doing double today but I had my older brother to "look after" he had a broncoscopy yesterday and wasn't aloud to be alone for over 24 hours.

Soooo, I've been in the house all day playing games with him, monopoly which he won, Mario cart Wii, which he won and Scrabble which was a draw on 372 points each, so close to a win as well...

Me having a day loosing at every game we played has also set me back a bit in training, no big deal as i'm heading back to Nottingham tomorrow so my training will be back to it's pre-christmas glory, can't wait. To have a pool where I don't have to pay £3:45 per visit will put a huge smile on my face!

Anyway I'm feeling pretty bad for not having done my training today but my brothers health is rather important :)

Check you later,

P.S I've been reading other peoples blogs but don't post replys as i've never seen anyone else post one. Is there some kind of unwritten code where it's not the done thing?
boomclarenby member: boomclaren, Jan 8th 2010 18:33
don't know...maybe none of us are very interesting, i know that i'm pretty god damn dull and have very little to say.

other than that i've had some good advice thrown at me through a reply occasionally, i think a few of us don't feel experienced enough to give decent advice (and by a few of us i mainly mean me). it's my first blog too (which i think it is for a few) so maybe we're all just pants bloggers even though i find reading everyone's stuff pretty interesting.

good luck with training in your first week back at uni, mine took a severe downhill tumble as i was rather easily lead astray, though an early morning snowy run is a particularly brilliant way of kicking a hangover in the balls.


swoodelby blog author: swoodel, Jan 9th 2010 16:00
Hey Boo,

I'm not sure what is key in a good blogger, spelling, grammar and punctuation probably isn't it!

I'm off out tonight and will see how restrained I am with the alcohol, either way I'm hitting the pool tomorrow to get back into training for stupid number of hours a week :)

Thanks I feel like I can now comment on other peoples blogs now!

boomclarenby member: boomclaren, Jan 9th 2010 19:36
i'm glad that you think spelling, grammar and punctuation are relatively unimportant in the bloggers world as i am particularly rubbish at all three.

enjoy tonight, swimming pools were designed to take hangovers away...i think
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