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Swoodel's Tri Blog 2010
I've been training for 4 months now and am going to kick it up a gear in 2010, I saw an advert for this site on Facebook and thoughts I'd give blogging about it a go.

Tractor Tyre

swoodelby swoodelJan 5th 2010
Tractor Tyre
Last night my mate asked me if i wanted to do some training with him this morning, I said yes. So at 8am I ran to his house through the snow and we headed out on a cross country run to meet Bertha, a rather large, cumbersome tractor tyre and her friends (more tractor tyres).

It was a gruelling workout and then at the end I had the pleasure of running up a steep snowy hill with my mate on my back, pushing my legs to their limit until I collapsed into the snow.

I don't think my legs like me any more!

But I enjoyed it and it made me realise how much work I have to do on my legs, now back to my usual training but what a lovely jaunt.

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