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Can I be an Ironman by 40 ?
Can I be an Ironman by 40 ?
Having taken part in several pool based sprint events since starting out in 2009, I wanted to celebrate turning 35 by completing the Vitruvian in 2011...with a long term goal of completing an Ironman by the time I'm 40. I'll keep track of the trials and tribulations here.

A brief update

tallguy76by tallguy76Aug 22nd 2014
So once again there has been a huge gap between posts, and as in the past it's not because I've been out there pounding the pavements and hitting the gym.

I took the decision a few months ago to withdraw from the Vitruvian as there is no way I could manage it off the back of zero training, so I now have a credit note for use towards the event in 2015 which actually fits rather well into my long term plan - an ironman by the time (or in the year) that I turn 40, which happens in 2016.

We have just returned from our annual trip to southern France, and I completed the now traditional "Summer 10k" on the near deserted roads near where we stay (which I found rather easy considering) and a 40km bike ride which I did in a much faster time than I expected considering the climb out of a local gorge 5km in. Again I thoroughly enjoyed the ride and wished I had tried it earlier in the holiday so that I could have ridden it more than once.

Now back in the UK I found out I'd lost over 4kg on holiday which is a very pleasant surprise, and I do want to be out there training but I'm struggling how to squeeze it into the day when I take into account the 3 hours of commuting I do each day - but that's probably just me making excuses.

So that's that, I'm no further on now than I was at the start of the year. Is it too early to start making new year's resolutions ?
thinmanby member: thinman, Sep 4th 2014 16:45
you've probably heard it before but if you can get to 4X 30min sessions per week as a base level and then start building when you will feel much better. For many of us we have short blasts of training followed by nothing for a while. Lower your goal to start with and then over the winter slowly increase your training time. If you can get the longer miles in during the winter it will be breeze when the suns out and you'll prevent the Christmas spread! I always find I'm more likely to get out and train if there are others to train with and the old adage of just getting your kit on and getting out the door always works! Enjoy and you can do it (like you I turn 40 next year and am planning my last long race).
tallguy76by blog author: tallguy76, Sep 5th 2014 12:20
Thanks for the comment, and I agree - little steps. I went out for a run earlier this week and took our 2 year old Spaniel and I have to admit that I found myself running slightly faster than I have done previously when out on my own (a little over 6:30/km instead of a 7:45/km pace). Once I have a few more miles under my belt I will start to get back out with the local running club.
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