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Can I be an Ironman by 40 ?
Can I be an Ironman by 40 ?
Having taken part in several pool based sprint events since starting out in 2009, I wanted to celebrate turning 35 by completing the Vitruvian in 2011...with a long term goal of completing an Ironman by the time I'm 40. I'll keep track of the trials and tribulations here.

A new commitment ? Or should I be commited ?

tallguy76by tallguy76May 21st 2013
So I've been thinking for a while that I'm being rather lazy and not getting out enough, but with 3 hours in the car on top of 8.5 hours in the office I'm fast running out of hours in the day once my 4 year old son is bathed and put to bed (that's the daily father and son time at the moment) and struggling to get the oomph required to lace up my trainers and get out of the door.

I noticed a short while ago that there is a new half marathon being put on in Cheltenham in the autumn (, and since it's near where I grew up I started thinking it might be worth having a crack at it. A friend of my sister signed up a few weeks ago and mentioned it in her Facebook status and I commented that I was tempted. One thing led to another and my wife ended up daring me to take part. And you can't say no to your wife can you !

So, payday came around last week and I went online and committed myself to a place on the startline, all I need to do now is dust of the running gear and get out there and start training. I've already signed up to a training plan on Runkeeper - my favourite running app so far - which will see me aiming for a sub 2:15 finish on the day (if I can do the training !!!). I have finished the Tewkesbury Half Marathon in a shade over 2 hours, so I know that I can cover the distance in that time, and who knows a 2 hour finish could be possible too.

Hopefully now I have a date in the diary there will be no stopping me.
twiggyby member: twiggy, May 22nd 2013 20:44
I feel your pain. I wish I had the motivation to train at 6am or 10pm at night (pretty much the only hours I'm not working), but sadly its not there! Having an event in mind really helps though. I tend to find the fear of embarrassment is one of the best motivations.
tallguy76by blog author: tallguy76, May 23rd 2013 14:43
Thanks for your comment Twiggy. My manager has run before work a few times recently, but as he lives a mere 5 minutes from the office it's not quite the same as having to be up in time to commute. I keep suggesting that I will get up at 5am and run but it is hard work getting up at 6am as it is...
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