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Can I be an Ironman by 40 ?
Can I be an Ironman by 40 ?
Having taken part in several pool based sprint events since starting out in 2009, I wanted to celebrate turning 35 by completing the Vitruvian in 2011...with a long term goal of completing an Ironman by the time I'm 40. I'll keep track of the trials and tribulations here.

Beaten by my brother...

tallguy76by tallguy76May 31st 2011
Sunday saw me lining up alongside both my younger siblings to take part in the Gloucester Sprint Triathlon. The weather was overcast and windy, but thankfully dry.

My sister got underway as soon as the event started while my brother and I were due to start 30 minutes later and within 2 minutes of each other. Tragedy struck as I lined up at the end of the pool, bright orange swim cap snuggly fitted...the strap on my goggles snapped. Panic ensued, but luckily I knew that I had a spare pair in my transition box. The organisers said that they could delay my start, so I dashed back out of the pool into transition to collect them.

Back at the poolside I knew that my chances of keeping my brother in sight on the bike had gone - as it turned out he was 2 minutes quicker in the pool anyway - and resolved to do the best I could. The spare goggles decided that they didn't want to fit quite as well as they could have done, so I wasted a few seconds regularly emptying the left lense as it filled up slowly.

Out of the pool and it was a nice smooth run into the school quad where the transition was set up, on with the socks and bike shoes and then quite a long run out to the mount box. The two laps of the bike course passed by relatively quickly and I managed to spend quite a distance in the aero position, and with the wind as it was it you could feel the difference. The lap only had one real hill - short and sharp - followed by a nice long downhill section which was unfortunately where the wind decided it was going to come at us from the front. A few bridges crossing the motorway and the bypass were a little hairy as the wind gusted across but I made it back safely passing my sister on her run.

Heading out on foot I passed by the family and was cheered on loudly which helped to raise the spirits, but my legs were feeling very tired - probably a combination of last week's half marathon and pushing hard on the bike - but I managed to run the whole of the first lap. I found out afterwards that my brother had kept me in his sights for most of the lap but never quite caught me up. Lap 2 hurt and I had to resort to walking a few times for short distances but crossed the line in 1:52:30 - 12 minutes behind my brother (in his first tri) and 14 minutes ahead of my sister.

It was a good event, and I half hope that the photo of the 3 of us taken by the local paper doesn't make it into print as the "few pounds" I have put on since last year mean that the lycra isn't a particularly flattering look just yet !

June is almost upon us and with it a concerted effort to train consistently for the Vitruvian, or else I have been told that I will be facing divorce proceedings...
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