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Can I be an Ironman by 40 ?
Can I be an Ironman by 40 ?
Having taken part in several pool based sprint events since starting out in 2009, I wanted to celebrate turning 35 by completing the Vitruvian in 2011...with a long term goal of completing an Ironman by the time I'm 40. I'll keep track of the trials and tribulations here.

Progress !

tallguy76by tallguy76Feb 16th 2011
Ok, so it's nothing earth shattering, but I did notice at one of the events that I took part in last season that the sidewalls on the tyres of my bike were a little cracked - despite the fact the bike was less than a year old and hadn't had a huge amount of use.

Not wanting to spend time hanging around in the cold waiting for the sweeper van at the forthcoming sportive I thought it would be wise to get some new tyres. This coincided with a very nice email from the guys at Wiggle offering me a £5 discount as I Hadn't spent anything on the website for a while. Bargain !

The original tyres were Vittoria Zaffiros which I haven't had any major issues with, although I did seem to get a puncture every ride until I increased the tyre pressure by about 5psi to 115.

A quick scan of the interweb, and having heard good things about Continental Gatorskins, I plumped for a pair of those - already a couple of pounds off in the clearance section of the Wiggle website and with the extra £5 discount and free delivery I spent £33. Browsing through the tyre section of a brochure that I received with one of the Tri mags I could quite easily have spent more than double on just one tyre...worth it ? With my ability probably not.

The Gatorskins are supposed to be pretty resistant to punctures which should come in handy, but I will have to wait a bit before I get to try them on the road due to family commitments on the next few weekends and the fact that it's still not quite light enough in the evenings after getting home from work.

Until then I shall just have to make do with staring at them.

And I will get my kit on and do some training before the month is out. Promise.
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