Half Ironman ramblings!

Sudden Realisation.....

tddumbartonby tddumbartonJul 19th 2014
So here I am sitting on a plane on the way back from a very relaxing and alcohol fuelled week in Spain where I didn’t even take my trainers out of the suitcase and thinking OMG I have 9 weeks tomorrow until my first half ironman! Ask me a year ago if I would be even thinking of undertaking a half ironman and I would have said ‘oh no, we will have a baby by then, my husband competes and I go along to watch’, but by a strange twist to life, due to various medical issues and an unfortunate ankle twisting ankle on New Year’s Eve, I’m the one now wishing that I had got up at least once on holiday for a run!

I have often thought about what I would say in a blog when an event has got tough and I’ve wanted to stop thinking about how much my legs hurt, so here I am and over the next 9 weeks I’m going to chart my progress and you never know maybe even people may read it.
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