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Team THINK STRONG - Veronika Patty
Team THINK STRONG - Veronika Patty
I am a triathlete! I am also a mom and a wife, a boss, a coach, a student, a friend and a motivator and in every aspect of my life I choose to THINK STRONG! I am committed to control my thought process and choose to think only the thoughts that are productive and that will strengthen my spirit. I am dedicated to energize, empower and support others despite any circumstances.

Why do we quit?

teamthinkstrongby teamthinkstrongMar 28th 2011
Weather we like to admit or not all of us opt to quit sometimes. It can be in relationships, during a race, practice, at work, when raising our children or when dealing with life¬'s misfortunes.

Instead of being hard on ourselves and feeling guilty about giving up, we should realize that in front of us lays a great opportunity to get to know ourselves better and make ourselves better prepared for future challenges that will come our way.

We quit for many reasons, and finding the exact reason why we choose to give up instead of pursuing our goal can be a great learning tool. Sometimes we set such high expectations for ourselves that it is almost impossible to succeed. To be anything less but perfect usually means failing to us so why bother? The fear of failing is the main reason why we choose to give up. When we are uncertain about the end result, we want to protect our efforts and save ourselves from disappointment. If we give it all and don¬'t succeed then we must have failed right?

There is a very fine line between never being satisfied with anything we do and setting our expectations so high we can¬'t realistically ever achieve them and appreciating our accomplishments, while never failing to keep improving ourselves. We need to learn that we might not get it ¬"perfect¬", but as long as we can say we gave it all under our own circumstances, we didn¬'t fail but we persevered.

So next time you feel the fear of not succeeding overcoming your spirit remember that when you opt to quit you might never know how strong you really are! Don¬'t worry about not getting it perfect! The fact you didn¬'t give up will prepare you better for your next challenge.
TriRachby member: TriRach, May 25th 2012 16:38
Really loved your blog post, very inspirational thank you!
The many challenges we overcome!
teamthinkstrongby teamthinkstrong Mar 18th 2011
Eager to start the New Year!
teamthinkstrongby teamthinkstrong Dec 31st 2010
I know we are all eager to start the New Year, but this is also a great time to sit back for a second and evaluate the year that has just passed. What were the defining moments of this year? What were the turning points? What difference did people ma...
Living life is like standing on a Bosu Ball.
teamthinkstrongby teamthinkstrong Nov 6th 2010
teamthinkstrongby teamthinkstrong Oct 30th 2010
As someone that struggled with my body image from my pre-teenage years to my late twenties, the change in perception of how I view exercise was a real break through for me! I guess I never thought about it until now, but when I did my 1st triathlon...
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