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Team THINK STRONG - Veronika Patty
Team THINK STRONG - Veronika Patty
I am a triathlete! I am also a mom and a wife, a boss, a coach, a student, a friend and a motivator and in every aspect of my life I choose to THINK STRONG! I am committed to control my thought process and choose to think only the thoughts that are productive and that will strengthen my spirit. I am dedicated to energize, empower and support others despite any circumstances.

2010 New England Ragnar Relay Refflections

teamthinkstrongby teamthinkstrongJun 1st 2010
12 things I have learned during the 2010 New England Ragnar Relay Race:
-By Captain V (Team THINK STRONG)
1. I have learned that with little Sudafed and sleep deprivation even ordinary statements can send you into a 5 minute laughing frenzy!
2. I have learned that even grown men can look cute and silly, performing a ¬"warm-up dance¬" at 12:30am!
3. I have learned that no matter how hard anyone tries, some people will always get the perfect running shoot while others look much less grateful!
4. I have learned that if you keep smiling the pain goes away!
5. I have learned that you can get away with running without warm-up or cool down as long as you have the ¬"stick¬" handy!
6. I have learned that with enough ¬"product¬" your hair will look perfect even after 2 days on the road and will even survive a picture perfect water splash!
7. I have learned that thinking of others before you think of yourself is a very empowering feeling!
8. I have learned that the pace you run is less important then the attitude you run with!
9. I have learned that some people are motivated enough to fly across the ocean to be part of something cool, while others can¬'t make it of the couch!
10. I have learned that there is only so much ¬"nuts and berries¬" a person can eat in one day!
11. I have learned that patience pays off! (The Porta Potty was only two minutes down the road dammit!)
12. But most importantly, I have learned that being part of a team of few incredible individuals was one of the best experiences of my life!
gocolettegoby member: gocolettego, Jun 2nd 2010 00:02
Awesome post! You have such a great attitude! Keep it up- you are very motivational!
mdvcostinby member: mdvcostin, Jul 7th 2010 13:31
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