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Team THINK STRONG - Veronika Patty
Team THINK STRONG - Veronika Patty
I am a triathlete! I am also a mom and a wife, a boss, a coach, a student, a friend and a motivator and in every aspect of my life I choose to THINK STRONG! I am committed to control my thought process and choose to think only the thoughts that are productive and that will strengthen my spirit. I am dedicated to energize, empower and support others despite any circumstances.

Eager to start the New Year!

teamthinkstrongby teamthinkstrongDec 31st 2010
I know we are all eager to start the New Year, but this is also a great time to sit back for a second and evaluate the year that has just passed. What were the defining moments of this year? What were the turning points? What difference did people make in your life and more importantly what difference did you make? Did we learn anything about ourselves or others? Did we stay true to ourselves? What or who are you most proud of? This kind of self-reflection is a great tool to keep us moving forward, learn and grow!
So here is what the year 2010 meant and taught me!
There were more then a few defining moments for me this past year, but the one image I will always keep alive in my mind was the moment I saw my daughter and hubby during my Ironman. Things got tough but seeing those two there, cheering me on just meant the world to me and kept me going.
The thing I am most proud of is probably that my 4 year old daughter calls me her BFF! Raising kids is a challenge for sure but itÂ's the best, most important and meaningful job we will ever have.
A turning point? When I finally accepted that nothing replaces hard work. There is no trick, no shortcut! This is true for anything; starting a business, training for a competition, in school, at work, being a parent, a partner, a friend!
There are plenty of people who made a huge difference in my life. There were those whoÂ's goodness and positive energy always encouraged me to keep my chin up even during some difficult times and more importantly to focus on the thing I could control; my attitude! Others reminded me that caring for the well-being of others more then the well-being of ourselves is a beautiful and fulfilling human quality that I should cherish above all others.
I can only hope that I make as much difference in peoples lives as they do in mine, but one thing I discovered is that I love being the Â"cheerleaderÂ" and much as I love being in the action myself. Seeing so many great accomplishments this past year just made me so proud of everyone who achieved them!
I am sure we all canÂ't wait to see what the year 2011 brings. LetÂ's look for some new challenges, new ways to deal with different situations. LetÂ's discover new ways to make ourselves tough but vulnerable at the same time. LetÂ's approach this New Year with creativity and with goodness in our hearts! And never less, letÂ's make sure we THINK STRONG!
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