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Team THINK STRONG - Veronika Patty
Team THINK STRONG - Veronika Patty
I am a triathlete! I am also a mom and a wife, a boss, a coach, a student, a friend and a motivator and in every aspect of my life I choose to THINK STRONG! I am committed to control my thought process and choose to think only the thoughts that are productive and that will strengthen my spirit. I am dedicated to energize, empower and support others despite any circumstances.

It all happen at mile 22!

teamthinkstrongby teamthinkstrongDec 1st 2009
It was this past summer when the idea of an Ironman started to circle around my head. I felt that the first step would be to run a marathon, something I had never done before. I needed to know how I would physically and mentally handle this challenge before I moved on to the Ironman distance next season.

I had done some reading and found out about the infamous mile 20 of the marathon run. I was excited and scared of the unknown but off I went and started to pile on the miles. I had made it to mile 20 and it was the strangest feeling because ¬"nothing was happening¬"! However that did not last much longer. By the time I made it to mile 22 I was a mess, I mean crying and feeling so sorry for myself like you wouldn¬'t believe, total meltdown! At that point I knew this was the ¬"wall¬" you usually hit at mile 20! I had two choices, stop or keep going.

Luckily for me I did not have to make that decision at mile 22, because I had made it a few days prior to the marathon. Never experiencing this, I did not know how my body and my mind would respond to this challenge. So I made a ¬"plan¬" with the goal to finish my 1st marathon, that I was going to stick to no mater what.

I decided to carry a reminder of my ¬"plan¬" on the run with me. I asked one of my great friends, awesome athlete, and also a brain tumor survivor to lend me a shoelace from one of her running sneakers. I took it and wrapped it around my wrist to remind me that there are people out there who face much bigger challenges than running a marathon and to get me back to my ¬"plan¬" if I needed it.

At mile 22 I needed it! I looked at my wrist, saw the shoelace and knew it was time to pick myself back up. Get back to the ¬"plan¬" girl! All I remember from then to the finish line was putting one leg in front of the other and listening to myself breath. Just keep running, keep running! I was back and got it done big time! :o)

I finished my first marathon and that brings me one step closer to competing in the full Ironman distance triathlon. But more importantly I have reminded myself once again how important it is to practice THINK STRONG attitude before we have the need to use it. We have to learn and practice how to think thoughts that will empower and strengthen us, so we can use these thoughts when needed. Just like we train our bodies, we need to train our minds as well. This is a skill that anyone can develop. The power of the thought is 100% ours, all we have to do is to learn how to train it and use it!
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