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Ectomorph Triathlon Training
Ectomorph Triathlon Training
This is a blog for all those Ectomorphs out there who aren't getting the most from their training. I have stumbled upon a training routine that is finally developing power on the bike and run and i hope will convert into better performances this year. I'm not really an expert although I have been competing on and off for around 10 years now and have studied elements of sports training, nutrition etc. I'm really open to hear others thoughts and ideas on the subject.

March 2014 update on training

thinmanby thinmanApr 6th 2014
So another 3 months on and I'm quite happy with progress. Map my Ride tells me that I've done 77 workouts for 79 hours in total. That's slightly less than 7 hours a week which was my target and now I have 2 months to my first target race.
I've hit a 2 year personal best 10Km run despite niggling calf and Achilles issues and now have a bike threshold target of 220 watts, up from 190 last year. Swimming is still slow but I'm feeling like I'm getting on top of it and hope that when the open water season starts and I can wear a wetsuit helping to get my legs up!
I'm now targeting 10 hrs a week with a intense swim, bike and run session per week with a brick session. I'm still doing 2 Crossfit sessions to maintain core strength and because I enjoy it. 4 days on 1 day off seems to have worked and so now I need to do a couple of double session days and monitor my recovery.
See you at a session and if your training with me give me a shove and tell me to work a bit harder!
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