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Ectomorph Triathlon Training
Ectomorph Triathlon Training
This is a blog for all those Ectomorphs out there who aren't getting the most from their training. I have stumbled upon a training routine that is finally developing power on the bike and run and i hope will convert into better performances this year. I'm not really an expert although I have been competing on and off for around 10 years now and have studied elements of sports training, nutrition etc. I'm really open to hear others thoughts and ideas on the subject.

Racing comparison 2014

thinmanby thinmanSep 8th 2014
So as a quick follow up I completed Bala standard tri in 2hrs 40. That's a PB for me so well happy and it was made with a really strong bike. My swim is still letting me down so really going to have to work on this over the winter and if I can keep running, injury free then hopefully that will also help.

When I compare my times at Chester earlier this year and Bala I've got 3:34 mins closer to my age group winner and 2:30 mins closer to next years 40-44 age category winner. So I only have to shave 44 mins off my time to be age-group winner!! Total respect to the lads and lasses that manage these times, still you all might stack it somewhere along the course so I could win by default! ;-)

So after a months easy training I'll be back on it in October with cross-fit and increased swimming my mantra. If only I could cure my allergies to open water swimming it might make the next day a little easier.

This ectomorph has improved (I am now 71kg with 12.1% body fat and 46% muscle up from 42% at the start of the year) and you can to!
Learning's for next year;
Consistency is absolutely key to improvement
Challenge your body atleast once a week, push up that Max with a really tough set
Recovery and protein to rebuild, without it, things start to break
Focus on your weaknesses and the rest will follow
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