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Injury free - getting speedy again!

tiggaby tiggaJan 25th 2012
Six months of misery and endless problems with my right calf and hamstring following RAAM and finally I can train 'at will'.

Everytime I stepped out to go for a run I felt like I was on a knifes edge and prone to damaging my calf. I didn't realise my right side's nervous system wasn't 'speaking' properly to the muscles - Well, thats how the Osteo guru I saw recently put it. After the very first session I had with him, a mighty crack at what felt like the base of my brain... It was a much improved right leg. I still had to be careful and have built the miles up slowly, but whereas perviously I'd break down with injury with no intensity and for almost no apparent reason I felt more comfortable and relaxed from the very first post Osteo Guru run. He may have been expensive, but it was worth every penny. Three trips to the dude, and I began my running again and *touchwood* I'm injury free.

It's been nearly a year since I ran with any intent and it's shown in the running legs a little. A longer run takes more out of me, running harder just smashes me completely... but I do sleep like a baby. I'm also blaming the recovery thing on age;-)

I decided on the sensible approach in this build up. No racing planned, just with a goal of running faster again. My first 2 weeks was simply run every second day. Only one of those runs was faster than 4min/km, my usual easy/steady paced runs of years gone by. No long runs either, just get used to the frequency. I ran one really hard 4km on New Years Eve, the end of my two weeks 'ease in' period and clocked a respectable 14:00. Following that I've put my Heart Rate monitor belt on and simply got out and run some more miles. Still no long run, but I have introduced a triple run day. Run to work, run at lunch, run home.

One of my key things I have always tracked is what my average HR is for a 10km training day, nothing hectic, just a get out and run even paced. Not a plod, but also not a tempo. My first 10k completed after Xmas was 43min and the av HR was 144. In peak shape for IM in 2010, I could run a 10km in 40min and average around 125. So I figured I was always going to be on the high side. Four weeks later... 40minutes dead and it's 133BPM. Now thats more like it.

An amazing transformation considering I could not run 30mins every second day without breaking down with a torn calf. A big lesson was learnt, even by me after 20 years+ of competitive training and racing... see the right person, and injuries can be sorted!

Soon I'll be introducing a little bit of speed on the track, ramp up the long run and start getting the bike legs back... Maybe, just maybe I'll think about swimming? This year is going to be a low key year of racing from me, and more supporting Jacks in her epic battle with the X-man off road Iron distance race. I still have these lofty ambitions for 2013... I'll be V40 for running, category H for Tri's, 40-44 for IM... it's like a whole new outlook to racing again. What with London hosting ITU Olympic champs in 2013, that's enough incentive to get me skinny butt into the speedo's and improving in the water. Being a competitive little bugger, I have set myself some pretty tough goals for 2013, my first year as a Vet. They mostly involve beating the young guns.... hehehe

I'd love to say I'm racing the Spring Ballbuster this year, but I'm simply not in shape. Winter Ballbuster is a distinct possibility. Other than that, my motivation for this year is to get faster again. It's all for 2013....
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