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Ironman Swiss bound

tiggaby tiggaMar 23rd 2010
For the first time in many years I'm logging my training. In years gone by I got obsessed with mileage vs intensity week in week out and I stopped logging all my mileage, I just recorded my key sessions. But that was to keep the motivation because I could see the numbers proving I'm getting fitter/faster/more economical.
This year I've promised myself to keep a daily log to limit my miles, keep that obsession in check as I wind my training up to Ironman. It's not my first one, but my first attempt at IM was a big jump into the unknown coming from a rather speedy duathlon background.
Since IMNZ 2005 I've done a fair bit of racing unsuccesfully attempted Powerman Zofingen a couple of times and found myself seriously wanting a new challenge... not just same duathlons every year. It's unfortunate, but duathlon has simple not grown as a sport. I've been competing in them at international level for 15 years.

I steered clear of Ironman because it can so very addictive, I get sucked into the hard training and it consumes my life. Don't get me wrong I love it, I love my training and I am actually sometimes quite good at it... but when I succeed sometimes I just want more and I train more and harder and with a normal working life something gives. That something is usually my body. More specifically my lower back, an injury I've had since being rear ended on the motorway left with severe whiplash and according some specialist no hope of riding a bike again.

My years training so far has been limited... by weather, but also by the fact this is going to be a fairly long year racing from early March to November.
I have been riding 4-5 hours a week at one heck of an intensity and concentrating on my running which I have been forced to put on the backburner most of last year tearing both my calf muscles.
Saying that my training has been effective and I had stonking bike ride at Clumber to set a ne bike course record and take a sneaky second place against guys I know have been racking up some proper miles on the bike.
Test 1 - Passed with distinction:-)
In the immediate horizon is a bit more training as the weather gets better, and then 3 team mates from TeamFeat and I are doing a 4 man relay in May, from Lands End to John O Groats. Target time is sub 40hours.
Bala Mid Dist Tri is 3 weeks later - A target for me as this my first triathlon and as the duathlete, I'll be coming into this under the radar I hope.

July 25th is where it's at for me though and 8hr something is what I'm after.

This is my first blog to get there!!

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